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General Plant Information

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Inkberry, Compacta
Ilex glabra 'Compacta'
Tight, dense habit and lustrous, dark green foliage make this ideal for hedging and grouping. Highly tolerant of sand and salt.
- white, inconspicuous H x W - 5'x6'                     N 18"-24", 24"-30" B&B    

Inkberry, Nigra
Ilex glabra 'Nigra'
This tough-as-nails evergreen has lustrous, dense, deep-green foliage to ground level and good berry set.  Great for foundation planting or for informal hedge. Use en mass as well.
- white; inconspicuous H x W - 6'x4'   5G 2.5'-3'    

Inkberry, Shamrock
Ilex glabra 'Shamrock'
This smaller version of Inkberry grows to about 3' tall and has a nice upright rounded habit. Great for foundation planting or for informal hedge. Use in mass as well.
- white; inconspicuous H x W - 5' x 3'   18 - 24"    
18 - 24" B&B    
24 - 30" B&B    
2 - 2 1/2'    

Iris, Butter & Sugar
Iris siberica 'Butter & Sugar'
This Iris, unusual for Siberians, is yellow and white. Very pretty and a nice contrast to the well - known dark purples.
- yellow, white H x W - 2'+ x 1' 3G    

Iris,  Caesar's Brother
Iris siberica 'Caesar's Brother'
A July-flowering selection whose dark violet buds open to clear purple blooms that change to white, then gold in the center. Tolerant of partial shade and moist soils.
-  purple H x W - 32"x30"                     3G    

Iris, Dreaming Spires
Iris siberica 'Dreaming Spires'
Another beautiful Iris, with lavender/blue flowers. Blooms in early summer.
- blue H x W - 36" x 1' 3G    

Iris, Gull's Wing
Iris siberica 'Gull's Wing'
This taller Iris has very rich, large white flowers. Great contrast to the purple Iris. Late bloomer.
- white H x W - 21/2 - 3' x 2' 3G    

Iris, Japanese Mixed
Iris ensata
This mix consists of blue, pink, purple, white & yellow blooms. Will grow in moist to wet soil.
- mixed H x W - 2 - 3' ' 3G    

Iris, Siberian
Iris sibirica 'Siberian'
Flowers are held on strong stems above attractive, narrow, lance-like leaves.  Begin blooming after bearded iris but before Japanese varieties.  Great for naturalizing.
- blue H x W - 24"-42"x24"                     3G     

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