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About Us

Originally Holly Ridge Nursery & Yawgoo Landscape in West Kingston, Rhode Island. Now "Botanical Creations" by Geoffrey Pearce.  Specializing in landscape design and construction as well as retail and wholesale to landscape professionals.  Owned, operated and designed by Geoffrey D. Pearce.

Geoff has been working in landscape design since he was sixteen years old. Geoff worked at Holly Ridge starting in 1999, and took advantage of a great opportunity in 2012.

Holly Ridge Nursery, now known as Botanical Creations, specializes in the design and creation of every day back yards to very large-scale landscape construction projects. As a member of the green industry for over 25 years, Botanical Creations offers a large and diverse selection of nursery and container grown plants. At all times our sales area will display over 6 acres of trees and shrubs in over 700 varieties and sizes along with thousands of container plantings as well. All told our inventory boasts one of the largest selections of nursery and landscape size plantings in the state. We welcome landscape contractors and will offer wholesale discounts to any members of the trade.


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